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Dana Poly Inc. is a prime manufacturer of blown films and poly bags headquartered in NJ. Since our start in 1990, companies have turned to Dana Poly Inc. for plastic bags and custom packaging solutions that better protect their products and represent them well in the marketplace.

Dana Poly Inc. extrudes its own polyethylene (PE) film and bags. Since we are actual plastic bag manufacturers, we provide our customers with the lowest prices for high-quality products as well top-notch customer service. All our plastic bags are manufactured in the United States.

Dana Poly Inc. manufactures all types of industrial plastic bags and films, including clear or colored plastic bags, bottom seal bags, side weld bags, and slit seal bags. We also manufacture countless other standard and specialty items. Some of our specialties include plastic bags on a roll or coreless rolls, shrink bundling film, tinted poly film or colored film, poly sleeves and cradle pack, adhesive tape security bags, poly bags with reinforced headers, printed poly bags, hang holes bags, wicketed bags, zipper style bags, mailer bags, hexene bags, furniture bags, mattress bags, bin liners and much more. Contact us today for more information about our products and services.

Dana Poly's endless development and commitment to quality can be found in every aspect of our plastic bag manufacturing process. We will gladly assist you in determining a suitable gauge, size and poly film, sheet or bag style for your specific application.

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      Specialty Tiger Blend

Plastic Bag Manufacturer in NJ

For further information, please inquire about Dana Poly's specialty Tiger Blend as an alternative solution for down-gauging plastic film. Our sales representatives will be more than happy to introduce you to a new and better way to save your company money.

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Dana Poly Inc. uses the most up-to-date conversion machinery with countless specialized capabilities to offer plastic bags and poly sheets  in an assortment of widths, gauges, colors and designs. We specialize in biodegradable and recycled air pillows.

Proud to Be Eco-Friendly

Plastic Bag Manufacturer in New Jersey

Dana Poly Inc. offers products that are biodegradable. We are highly committed to being environmentally responsible.


Plastic Bag Manufacturer in New Jersey

Day after day, 24 hours a day, Dana Poly Inc. extrudes its own unrefined material from both fundamental and reprocessed polyethylene, offering plastic film in a variety of gauges and colors.

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Plastic Bag Manufacturer in New Jersey

Dana Poly Inc.
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