What Is Centerfold Sheeting?

DanaPoly is a leading manufacturer of a wide array of sheeting options, such as carpet and gusseted tubing. One form of tubing is centerfold sheeting, or C-Fold sheeting. This is sheeting that is folded in half and rolled for easy access and closely is resembles a "C" when folded. It is similar to tubing, because this method leaves a slit open on the edge of the film. It comes in various widths and lengths depending on your application.

Uses For Centerfold Sheeting 

The most frequent uses of centerfold sheeting are as coverings and wrappings for various items including food, medicine, paper and many other goods. For companies who are aiming to seal their own product packaging, centerfold sheeting is one of the best options. With this versatility, the manufacturer can manually seal their own bags when the products going into the bags may vary in shape and size. This sort of sheeting allows for an increased flexibility in the entire manufacturing process.

Centerfold Sheeting has usage in multiple industries, such as appliance, automotive, food service, paper and medical supplies. It can be a helpful asset to many industries due to its versatile nature. They are a convenient form of packaging, since they are easy to use with common L-bar and I-bar sealers, popular industry standards. When this film is folder in half, it creates a pocket that can be sealed after the content is inserted.

Custom Options Available

This sort of sheeting is easily customizable, as branding can be placed directly onto the centerfold films. And due to the previously C-shaped nature, it allows for easier storage and handling. And can be further customized to fit your needs when new situations arise. 

Dana Poly Inc. is a trusted centerfold sheeting manufacturer and is proud to offer you our various centerfold sheeting products to people throughout New Jersey. Our commitment to excellent customer service allows us to bring you the highest quality film and bag products. Our professionally trained staff will create and help you find the perfect bags, wraps, and plastics for all your business needs. We can customize products as well.

Trusted Manufacturer of Tubing and Sheeting

DanaPoly of New Jersey manufactures a wide variety of plastic products that are used for tubing and sheeting. Centerfold sheeting is one of our more popular items. For more information about this particular product or any of our other products or services, please contact us today. The number to call is 1-800-474-1020. You can speak to someone at our office and learn more about our line of products and how they can help you and your business.