FDA Approved Bags

Dana Poly, Inc manufactures food-grade plastic bags and film that adhere to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) regulation 177.1520 requiring greater purity standards than plastics generally used for non-food packaging. They do not contain dyes or recycled plastic considered harmful to humans. (The FDA has detailed regulations concerning recycled plastics in food packaging.)

Foods that are highly acidic or that contain alcohol or fats can leach plastic additives from the packaging or container into the food. As a result, we only use plastic containers that are FDA approved for the particular type of food the plastic will come into contact with.

All of our plastics bags are manufactured right here in the US at our New Jersey location. Please contact us for more information. If you need FDA approved bags for your business or company, then Dana Poly can get you exactly what you need.

About GMP & HACCP Certifications

GMP certification or registration provides consumers and retailers with assurance that your product is manufactured utilizing industry best practices. Learn more about GMP certification.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is an internationally recognized standard that defines the requirements for the effective control of food safety. Learn more about HACCP certification.

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