Pallet Covers

Dana Poly’s plastic pallet covers are designed to protect palletized products from dust and moisture. They also protect the integrity of palletized shipments by covering all of the cartons on a pallet to prevent loss, damage or theft.

They are available with UVI treatment to protect from the sun's ultraviolet rays. And their heavy duty thickness provides an extra ability to prevent damage and keep your items together during transportation and delivery. There are many features and benefits of using heavy duty pallet covers at your business. They are a very useful material to utilize if you are constantly using pallets to ships items out on.

Custom Options Available

Dana Poly’s pallet covers are available in custom sizes for covering palletized machinery and equipment. There are many different applications and uses for a pallet cover, so it can be important that the cover fits properly. We understand the importance of creating a product that can adhere to your specifications and needs. This way the transportation and distribution of your products can go smoothly.

If durability is a factor in your decision making process, our heavy duty pallet covers could be for you! Please contact us today to learn more about all we offer. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free quote.

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