Poly Bags on a Roll

Dana Poly, Inc offers "bags on a roll" (Perfed on Roll Bags) for use by those in various industries. The bags are attached by perforation and rolled up on a core. Each bag is individually sealed and ready to rip off the roll. Perfect for many different applications and uses. We offer these poly bags on a roll in a wide variety of formats. Assuring that each user gets what they want and can ably fulfill a wide range of duties.

Formats for Poly Bags on a Roll

Due to our custom manufacturing capabilities, we have the ability to create various poly bags on a roll. Here are the various formats you can get our perfed on roll bags:

  • Single wound sheeting
  • Double wound sheeting
  • Gusseted
  • Center slit gusseted tubing

When you use our poly bags on a roll, you can wind them open-end first or sealed-end first. Making the application simple and efficient.

Custom Poly Sheeting

As an in-house manufacturer, we can customize these poly bags on a roll to meet your exact size specifications. As well as use your choice of high-quality material and printing options. Poly sheeting is a vital aspect for many industries and applications. Get exactly what you need when you turn to Dana Poly. 

For more information about our poly bags on a roll, please contact us today. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free quote! We can also help you decide on the exact specifications you need if you are having trouble deciding. We have years of experience in the plastic sheeting manufacturing industry and many trust us to get them the best poly bags on a roll. Use these perfed on roll bags for a variety of industrial tasks and applications. We are located in New Jersey and ship to customers across the USA! All at affordable prices.

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