Radiation Bags

Dana Poly, Inc offers a variety of radiation bags for effective use by nuclear power plants. These are specifically designed for the storage or disposal of radioactive materials. We offer these radiation bags in a variety of colors, which includes the commonly seen lime green and yellow bags. Due to the volatility of the materials, it is crucial these radiation bags are of the highest quality and can safely handle the materials.

Dana Poly's radiation bags prominently feature the tre-foil universal radiation warning symbol with associated text. As a custom manufacturer of bags, we can imprint serial numbers for storage and tracking. The warning and text can be printed in a variety of colors, including Magenta. Get all of the custom features you want when you turn to Dana Poly. 

Custom Radiation Bag Manufacturer

Dana Poly has year of experience working in the plastic bag manufacturing industry and can customize many different types of bags for industrial use.

Check out all of the bags we manufacture at our New Jersey location.

For more information about our custom radiation bags, please contact us today. When you reach out, we can provide you with more details regarding the ordering process. Get the best and most trustworthy radiation bags for your money when you turn to Dana Poly. This is not something you can leave to chance. It is crucial that these bags are of the highest quality.


When it comes to the use of radiation bags, there are many uses and applications across different industries. Check out a few of the more common applications for these bags.

  • Power generation - our bags are in used at many nuclear power plants in the US.
  • Defense applications.
  • Medical industry uses.
  • Food processing irradiation uses.

No matter your ultimate end use, we can manufacture custom radiation bags that meet your specifications. 

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