Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap, also known as, stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic coating keeps the items tightly bound.

Stretch wrap can be applied manually with small or large rolls of film, ranging in widths and gauges. Once stretched, the elastic recovery is used to keep the load tight.

Machinery is available to automate the operation. This controls the amount of material used, controls the stretch, and controls the application pattern.

Note: It is important not to apply too much tension or too many layers: the stress can damage the vertical edges of the boxes and significantly reduce stacking strength.

The Advantages of Using Stretch Wrap:

  1. Improves stability of products or packages, which forms a unit load.
  2. More efficient handling and storage of unit loads.
  3. Some degree of dust and moisture protection.
  4. Some degree of tamper resistance.
  5. Some degree of package security.

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