C & A Film

Dana Poly is a trusted custom manufacturer of c & a film for industrial purposes. In a nutshell, c & a film is an abbreviation for construction and agriculture film. This film is heavy-duty and has a great many purposes. And since we can customize the order, we can match it to your specifications.

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For more information about our various bags and sheeting available, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding what we offer. The number for our office is 1-800-474-1020. When you call, we can go over the details of what you need. This way we can provide you with a full quote. One that is accurate and affordable. Dana Poly is proud to go above and beyond for every client! As an in-house manufacturer, we will customize the order to best suit your needs.

What is C & A Film?

As mentioned, this is film that is used for both construction (c) & agriculture (a) purposes. So to discuss let’s break this down in two parts. Construction film is general-purpose plastic sheeting, which users utilize for general construction applications. When we manufacture this film, we use a polyethylene-based heavy-duty plastic. The overall purpose of the film is to protect surfaces from paint, water, dust, and more. You know, general construction duties. It helps keep places neat and clean through the commotion.

You can also use the film a curing blanket for concrete slabs. It can cover crawl spaces, temporarily cover equipment, and more. It is also flame retardant, black and white. When you choose Dana Poly, you can customize the thickness of the film. The thicknesses range from 1ML and 10ML.

C & A FilmThen we come to our agriculture films, which is a general-purpose plastic sheeting for many different mulch field and farming applications. Like the construction film, it is made up of polyethylene-based heavy-duty plastic. When it comes to the use of this film, it is great at protecting plants from outside elements. These elements range from animals infiltrating to snow, sleet and rain. And like with any order, we can customize it to your specifications. We can make the gauges from .00075 to 10 MIL. And all sizes and all colors are available. So for the best c & a film on the market, turn to Dana Poly!

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

As stated, we are an in-house manufacturer of films, bags and sheeting. So we can easily customize the material to fit your specifications. There are many different applications for this type of film, so it is important to get a material that suits your needs. Use the c & a film exactly how you intend by buying it in exactly the right size. All at affordable, wholesale prices, too.