Dana Poly Powered by the Sun!

Dana Poly Solar PowerSolar is undeniably the future in generating power and Dana Poly is excited to join in on the solar revolution. Our building has recently been transformed into one that is partially run on solar power. We have had a desire to become more of a green friendly company and going solar is a great way to lessen our carbon footprint on the environment. Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source and the advancements within the industry allowed us to take the next step in becoming an eco-friendly manufacturer. We are looking forward to this new chapter.

We turned to GreenPower Developers, who are located right in Lakewood, New Jersey. Their staff of certified solar installers, roofers and carpenters specialize in large, commercial projects. They installed state-of-the-art solar panels on our rooftops and turned our building into a renewable energy source. How cool is that!? Their solar systems are designed to be virtually maintenance-free during the lifetime of the system's installation. 

Turning to solar panels has long been a goal of our company and we are proud to finally say the job is completed. Solar energy is the cleanest and is the most abundant renewable energy source on the planet. There are many different applications when it comes to solar power and we intend to take full advantage of this power source. We will of course be using this solar energy to generate electricity and heat, but we will also use it during the manufacturing process when it is possible. Dana Poly is thrilled to be entering this new direction of the company and looks forward to the possibilities that using solar energy provides us with.