New Jersey Drum Liners Supplier

Dana Poly, Inc was established in 1990 and is a trusted manufacturer in New Jersey of different drum liners and bags. This liner is perfect for many industrial uses. Different types of liners are used for various applications, so it is important to get the drum liners that best suit your needs. This is why customization is not only possible with us, but recommended. So please, reach out to us today to learn more about our liners.

These heavy-duty liners help to keep drums clean and can extend the lifespan of the drum, because they can prevent spills and leaks from getting to the drum itself. These drum liners can save you money and time. Money is saved, because you do not need to buy drums more frequently than expected. And the time is saved, because you will not be wasting any time inefficiently cleaning the drums.

Custom Fitting Drum Liners

Custom fitting drum liners allows for the liners to perfectly fit various designs and is the best way to make sure that no spillage or leaks occur. Other common uses for drum liners is storage, shipment and/or the mixing of various types of products. Here are a few products that are commonly placed in drums:

  • Chemicals and flammables
  • Adhesives and pastes
  • Inks and coatings
  • Food products (such as greases and oils)
  • Cosmetic materials (such as nail polish)

Call For A Free Quote

DanaPoly, Inc has years of experience in the industry and is a trusted manufacturer of drum liners in New Jersey. All of the drum liners we manufacture can be easily customized to specifically adhere to your needs and particular drums. For more information about our drum liners, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have about all of the liners and bags that we manufacture. The number to call to speak to a representative in our office is 1-800-474-1020.