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Dana Poly offers customers custom bags to fit a full sized mattress. Wholesale ordering makes it easy to get the size and number of mattress bags, all at an affordable price! So manufacturers and retailers of mattresses can get the number of mattress bags they need in the right sizes. With our custom manufacturing of full mattress bags, you get high-quality poly bags at affordable prices.

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These mattress bags and covers offer the user many great benefits and applications. Each of our mattress bags are manufactured from Prime Virgin polyethylene resins. These bags are available in non slip, low slip, medium slip and high slip material with your desired vent hole pattern. Get mattress bags for full sized mattresses to the specifications you need. A full sized mattress tend to slightly differ, so having the ability to get it exactly right is a nice benefit.

Use A Full Sized Mattress Bag When Moving

Full Mattress BagsWhen you move, having a mattress bag for your full sized mattress offers you many important benefits. These plastic mattress bag covers provide an easy way to preserve and shelter the mattress during the move. There are three important reasons why you absolutely will need a mattress bag when moving

  1. The prevention of bed bugs. Bed bugs can be a huge problem when moving and/or storing a mattress. Especially if you are moving to or from a large, urban area where these bugs are prevalent.
  2. Protect your mattress from water damage. During any move, you will be bringing the mattress outside. Into the elements. If the mattress gets wet and stays wet during transit you are looking at a ruined mattress. It would be awful to get to your new place only to have your mattress get moldy.
  3. Keep your mattress in tip-top condition when stored. Avoid any rips, tears or scraps by shielding your full mattress with our durable bags and covers. So when you arrive, the mattress will be in great shape.

How To Place a Full Mattress Inside a Bag

We have all handled mattresses in one way or another. They are heavy and floppy in nature. Which makes it a tricky item to move. And even trickier to place inside of a mattress bag. Here are some tips when placing your full-sized mattress into one of our bags and how to properly move it.

Wipe Down the Mattress. Then Place It Inside the Bag

Before you place the mattress inside the bag, make sure the mattress itself is clean and dry. Any dampness could lead to a mildew problem. Once you wipe it down, then you may slip the mattress into the appropriate bag. And once it is inside safely, seal the bag completely. Using some tape isn’t a bad idea to make sure the bag stays on the mattress through transit.

Be Careful When Moving Mattress

This should almost go without saying, but be careful with the mattress when moving it! Clear a path beforehand to make moving the burdensome object easier. And try your best to avoid any snags and rips against corners. Again, this is why the bags is there to help prevent those issues, but you can never be too safe!

Secure Mattress with Tie-Downs

To avoid having your mattress crushed by heavy moving boxes and furniture, then it is best to load the mattress onto the truck in an upright position. This also maximizes the space inside the moving truck. Once in the truck and where you want it, we recommend securing the mattress with tie-downs so it does not shift and move during transit.

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Get mattress bags for full sized mattress when you turn to Dana Poly. We distribute to customers from across the USA. For more information about our selection of full mattress bags, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about these custom bags for mattresses. The number for our office is 1-800-474-1020. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free quote and go over other details for the bags! We also offer our mattress bags in other sizes, including twin, queen, king and even crib sizes. So you have options to choose the size that best fits your needs.