Custom Manufacturer of Gaylord Liners

Custom Gaylord Liners for Bins, Boxes & Containers

DanaPoly specializes in the custom manufacturing of Gaylord liners for bins, boxes and containers. The term Gaylord refers to a triple-wall corrugated pallet box, so the liners are suited to fit that sort of box and has become an industry term over the decades. These liners are primarily used to protect raw materials from a container that might be harmful to the product being processed, stored or transported. Due to our ability to customize, these Gaylord liners fit inside many types of corrugated boxes, metal bins, plastic containers and fiberglass containers. All Gaylord liners are designed to cover the bottom and the sides of the box with its heavy duty, protective, polyethylene plastic.

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Get custom Gaylord liners when you order through DanaPoly. We manufacture all box and bin liners at our New Jersey location using FDA/USDA-certified resins for food processing and pharmaceutical applications. The number for our office is 1-800-474-1020. When you call, we can discuss the order with you and provide you with an accurate quote for the liners. Check out our full selection of plastic bags for sale.

Gaylord Liners Help With Packaging Applications

Al of the Gaylord liners for boxes, bins and containers are manufactured using FDA/USDA-certified resins, which allows them to be safely used across industries for protection of various materials. Here are some materials you can use these liners to package with:

  • food
  • chemicals
  • powdered products
  • pharmaceutical items
  • adhesives & abrasives
  • coatings
  • compounds
  • metal particles
  • resins
  • and many more!

When you order with DanaPoly, you have the ability to customize your liners. These liners are available in different sizes and thicknesses. So you can use them for a variety of applications. When we ship you these liners, they come on perforated, easy-to-dispense rolls. Making the use of the Gaylord liners simple and convenient.

Benefits of Using Custom Gaylord Liners

If you are ordering Gaylord liners, it likely means you are using Gaylord boxes. Here are some benefits of using these boxes for shipping and packaging purposes. Get the liners that properly fit with these boxes. All at an affordable rate!


The use of Gaylord boxes can be a cost-effective action. You can use and reuse these boxes due to their strength and durability. And since they offer decent size for shipping and packaging, you can combine shipments, which means less shipments in general. And with the use of our custom manufactured liners, you can continue to repeat the use of these boxes for a while, saving you money that you would spend on buying new boxes.


Gaylord boxes are made using corrugated cardboard, which is a very durable material. The term "corrugated" means the box is manufactured using three different layers of paper. An inside layer, an outside liner, and a fluting that runs between these liners. All resulting in a box that has extra strength for heavier loads.

The design of these corrugated boxes allows for extra strength and durability, which means it will hold up under tougher circumstances. And since they have this durability, you will easily be able to reuse these boxes. Which means you won't have to stress if the box will hold up under heavier loads. And with the use of our liners, those extra uses only multiply.


Gaylord boxes are an eco-friendly option. Not only can you reuse these boxes again and again, but they are made with recyclable materials. You do not need to harm the environment to get the added strength and durability you are looking for.

And if you are looking to be even more eco-friendly, then be on the lookout for used Gaylord boxes. When you buy used, you are not buying a manufactured item, which reduces water consumption, CO2 emissions, and the potential trees needed to manufacture the new box. So there is an overall saving on the use of materials when you buy a used box. And when you couple this with the use of our durable Gaylord liners, you can use the box again and again!