Heavy Duty Pallet Covers

Manufacturer of Heavy Duty Pallet Covers

Dana Poly, Inc is a trusted manufacturer and distributor of quality heavy duty pallet covers. Though we are located in New Jersey, we ship nationwide! We have years of experience providing customers across the country with our great selection of pallet covers. Covering your pallet with a liner is a vital aspect for many businesses and companies. Most notably for shipping purposes. Pallets are widely used to transport goods across the country and the use of heavy duty pallet covers ensures they safely arrive at their destination.

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Heavy Duty Pallet Covers Benefits

Heavy duty pallet covers offer the user a wide range of benefits. Many industries utilize this material. Check out some of the more notable ones below.

Great Protection

One of the biggest benefits of using a pallet cover is how they act as a shield and protect against a whole host of elements, such as dust, pollution and humidity. They are able to provide insulation against dust and humidity, which prevents corrosion, rusting and scratches. This extends the lifespan of the pallet quite considerably.

Pallet covers are also quite durable and most are waterproof and are a cost-effective method for any packaging requirements. Since the materials used are of the highest quality, they can preserve goods of all kinds. And by protecting your products, you will ensure a happy return on investment when they arrive safely at their destination.

Flexible Usage

Pallet covers are easily customized and can be used for a wide range of uses. Many materials being transported can benefit from being shielded from a pallet cover. They can be made thin, but still have a high resistance against punctures and abrasions and have a high strength. This flexibility allows for a wide array of uses and makes it a great product and material to have around just in case you need it. 

Industrial Uses

Heavy Duty Pallet CoversHeavy duty pallet covers provide the user with a wide array of uses that spans various industries. Typically any industry that deals with the shipments of products can utilize pallet covers. Here are some of the most notable uses:

  • Retail
  • Food Storage
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Warehouses

Many who need to package items use heavy duty pallet covers. They are nearly indispensable for many businesses, since they help items ship safely. This is because they are extremely useful for storing and shipping merchandise, as they protect the products in transportation. The products get placed onto the pallet, and then the covers wrap around the products. Securing them during transport. And they need to be heavy duty, since they often secure different shaped and sized boxes.