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Dana Poly is proud to be a custom manufacturer of mattress bags for cribs. The perfect option for retailers around the country. Get custom fitting mattress bags for cribs. Crib mattresses are often not a one-size-fits-all like the other types of mattresses. They vary in size, which makes it even more important to have the correct fitting mattress bags. Reach out today to learn more.

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On top of the crib mattress bags, we also custom manufacture mattress bags for king, queen, twin and full mattresses. Get all of the mattress bags you need when you turn to Dana Poly. Located in Dover, New Jersey, we ship to customers nationwide.

Are All Cribs The Same Size?

Not all crib mattresses are the same size, which makes sheets and mattresses for them a little tricky. Almost all baby crib mattresses are rectangular, which helps when determining the correct size for the mattress bags.

However, there are also "designer" cribs that are round, hexagonal, and other shapes that are required by law to come with their own specially fitted mattresses and specially shaped crib sheets. But what about the mattress bags? If you need a custom fitting mattress bag for a crib, Dana Poly has the ability to create one that matches your specifications. Not all cribs are universal and come in many sizes and styles. Let Dana Poly help with the mattress bags.

Different Types of Mattress Covers for Cribs

When it comes to the manufacturing of mattress covers for cribs, there are three common types of cribs that these bags need to fit: standard crib, mini crib and bassinet. Let's take a closer look at these different types of cribs.

Standard Crib

The standard-sized, rectangular baby crib sheet is 52 inches long and 28 inches wide and between 4 inches and 6 inches deep. The reason for the range in depth is due to the type of mattress. Some mattresses are different sizes and that needs to be accounted for when addressing bags for cribs.


Mini-cribs are smaller cribs meant for travel and easy transport. These cribs have smaller mattresses, so the sheets are typically around 24 inches wide and 38 inches long. However, when ordering mattress bags for mini-cribs an exact measurement is recommended. There is no universal size, so being precise is important. We will work with you to make sure the mattress bags for the crib fit perfectly.


There is a variety when it comes to bassinets, which means the subsequent mattress bags need to match. 20 inches wide by 28 inches long is the most common size, but there are other types available. So when it comes to mattress bags for bassinets, be sure get exact measurements.

Custom Manufacturing of Plastic Mattress Bags for Cribs

Dana Poly's mattress bags are perfect for packaging new mattresses for sale or for covering mattresses in moving applications. All of the mattress bags for cribs that we manufacture are from Prime Virgin polyethylene resins. Due to our custom manufacturing abilities, these bags are available in non-slip, low slip, medium slip and high slip material with your desired vent hole pattern. Get exactly what you need with Dana Poly. All at a price that you can afford.