Custom Mattress Bag Manufacturer

Dana Poly offers custom manufacturing of mattress bags. These mattress bags are perfect for the packaging of new mattresses and box springs. Or for covering mattresses in commercial moving applications. All of the custom mattress bags we manufacture are made from Prime Virgin polyethylene resins. These mattress bags are available in non-slip, low slip, medium slip, and high slip material. And due to our ability to customize, we can create these mattress bags with your specific vent hole pattern.

Different Mattress Bags Available

When you turn to Dana Poly, you have the ability to choose from different types of mattress bags. All of which we can properly customize to match your specifications. All of the custom mattress bags we manufacture are great at protecting the mattress from dust, dirt, and light exposure and protect against any moisture and water damage, as well as pests and bed bugs. So many commercial mattress companies use these bags to safely store all different sized mattresses. Check out all of the different sized mattress bags we can custom manufacture.

King Mattress Bags

King mattress bags are simply bags that cover king mattresses. It is as simple as that. The king sized mattress is the largest size of mattress available in the US and measure 76" X 80". So our mattress bags will effectively cover this size. King size mattresses are perfect for people looking for luxury comforts, more sleeping space, or just a little extra room on the bed to share with children and pets. And our custom applications with make sure that your king mattress bags get safely covered.

Queen Mattress Bags

The Queen mattress is the second biggest mattress size out there. So it is not as big as the King. However, it is the most popular mattress size out there. So our custom queen mattress bags are coincidentally the most popular bags we manufacture. For the most part, queen mattresses measure 60" X 80". And since it is so popular, it is easy to find bed frames, sheets, blankets and mattress protectors that will properly fit a queen mattress.

Full Mattress Bags

Full mattresses are roughly 54" X 74", but sometimes these specifications differ. So it is more important with this sized mattress to get the dimensions right, since there are some differences you can find. Due to our custom manufacturing of mattress bags, you can get the best fit for the full mattress bags.

Twin Mattress Bags

Twin mattresses are typically 38 inches wide by 75, but there is also the Twin XL mattress, which is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. A little longer to account for taller children or young adults. And since they are only 38 inches wide, they are meant for a single sleeper. Which makes them perfect for a young children's room or for colleges.

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Dana Poly has years of experience manufacturing mattress bags for commercial purposes and applications. Over the years, we have become a trusted manufacturer of custom bags and our results speak for themselves. Due to our abilities, we can customize to meet your specifications.

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