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Dana Poly is a renowned custom manufacturer of poly sheeting materials for use in the construction and agricultural industry. This material offers users with an array of benefits for its users, which you can read more about below. We custom manufacture various types of poly bags, too. Just some of the many effective polyethylene products we create.

For more information about polyethylene sheeting and its uses, please give our office a call. The number to dial is 1(800) 474-1020. When you reach out, we can provide you with more accurate information about what we have to offer and how it can help you.

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What is Poly Sheeting?

Poly sheeting is a material that is used by many different industries and companies. It is simply a generic term for more specific materials like construction or agriculture films. But when you say poly sheeting, the user knows what you mean and knows it has multiple applications.

Poly SheetingIt is made from low-density polyethylene and when we make it the material comes in clear or black. And it is commonly used as a drop cloth or as a vapor barrier. Polyethylene is the most common form of plastic for use in a variety of packaging, industrial, and construction materials.

And since we offer custom manufacturing, we offer poly sheeting in a variety of densities. The most common types of poly sheeting we manufacture is of the low-density kind. A low-density poly material offers extra durability and flexibility. When you turn to Dana Poly, we will work with you to ensure that the sheeting material we manufacture exactly suits your specifications.

We sell these poly bags on a roll, so that additives can be added to change the functionality of the film. These additives include U.V. inhibitors, fire retardants, anti-static additives and offer ultimate customization.

Poly Sheeting As Plastic Protection

Polyethylene sheeting has a big role in offering plastic protection to consumers. It offers users many different benefits as protection, including using it with construction projects as vapor retarders, window films, flooring and countertop protection, and even in roofing. You can also use poly sheeting to seal off rooms, cover building materials, and for use in lead abatement projects. When you need something that is strong and durable to protect a construction project or anything of the like, using polyethylene sheeting is the way to go.

And since there are so many ways you can use it, it is important to understand the uses. This way you will get the most out of the material. Of course, you can use a drop cloth when working and place it on the carpet. But you can also use the durable film and stick it to the carpet with adhesives. It is a simple way to protect the carpet from spills and debris.

However, one knock against this material is for not being environmentally friendly. It has a slow rate of decomposition. But here at DanaPoly, we use cutting edge technology to make sure the manufacturing process is as eco-friendly as possible. And even though environmentalists get on it for that slow decomposition rate, this sort of poly sheeting protects ground water from toxic chemicals from oil drilling or from landfills. It is also used to slow run-off on hills, and keep lead out of the ocean during shipbuilding projects. So it is still not without its eco-friendly benefits.

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Dana Poly has years of experience as a trusted manufacturer of poly sheeting materials. This includes poly bags and poly bags on a roll. And since we are an in-house manufacturer, we offer custom jobs. Simply provide us with your specs and we can handle the rest! This poly sheeting is perfect for contractors and construction workers, since it offers a way to protect your surroundings. So please, do not hesitate to reach out and request a quote today. Get the best poly sheeting materials on the market at affordable prices!