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Dana Poly’s mattress bags are perfect for packaging new mattresses and box springs for sale or for covering mattresses in commercial moving applications. Or even for storage. The mattress covers and bags we manufacture are from Prime Virgin polyethylene resins and offer great protection. They are available in non-slip, low slip, medium slip and high slip material with your desired vent hole pattern. These mattress bags are perfect for sellers of mattress bags. Get the exact amount you need, all in the size you need. We custom manufacture these bags to your exact specifications.

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Let's learn a little more about top mattress bags. And if you would like to purchase some, please get in touch with us today. We offer custom manufacturing for all different sizes of mattresses. So you can get the specifications you need. We pride ourselves on the durability and reliability of the polyethylene bags we manufacture. Get the most for your money with Dana Poly!

Different Top Mattress Bags Available

We are proud to offer different top mattress bags for sale. Among our sizes includes:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • Crib sizes

We are an in-house manufacturer of these bags, so we can customize your order. From different specifications to the number of bags you need, we can organize it into the most affordable package possible. Simply provide us with your ordering details and let us handle the rest! We make it simple and easy to get the poly mattress bags you need. For any size mattress. Perfect for retailers who manufacture and sell mattresses or any storefronts that require bags to protect the mattress.


When you utilize our top mattress bags, you get some great features. In a nutshell, the job of these bags is to protect against dust, soil, and exposure to water. This makes them a perfect item for when you need to store a mattress or are moving. Get great protection for your mattress with these top bags.

They are durable because we make them out of recycled polyethylene. And these bags open at the end for easy slip on and slip off. So you do not need to struggle trying to get it on or off. And these covers offer air ventilation, so the mattress does not get stale in storage.

And due to our manufacturing capabilities, all the plastic bags we create are eco-friendly. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable solutions for all of our customers.

Why You May Need Top Mattress Bags

We work with many different clients who utilize these top mattress bags for various reasons. From moving, to storage, to commercial use, these bags are great at offering simple and easy protection. When you move or store something, contaminants can infiltrate it. Not something you want happening to your mattress. So it is important to take a few extra steps and protect the mattress from contamination during storage and transport. Whether you are a single person, a small company, or a larger mattress firm, protecting mattresses should be the #1 concern.

The use of top mattress bags is one of the best ways to store a mattress and not have to worry about it becoming dirty or contaminated. We sell mattress bags that simply slide on for easy protection and effectively keep dust, dirt, bugs and any harmful elements away from the mattress. And more importantly, away from the user of the mattress.

This holds especially true for anyone with allergies or asthma. Limiting the amount of harmful air entering the lungs will keep the user healthy. It really is a great item to use to stay healthy. So please, do not hesitate to purchase these covers and bags today. Check out the full line of bags we manufacture. Perfect for use for many applications in various fields.